Wednesday, November 28, 2012

...bright sound...


Bright Curse's story begins when Main Row, singer and guitarist of Soul Manifest,
 decides to leave the north of France to live in London.
He finds a friend, Sam, together, they rebuild the band with two other musicians (Harry & Karen).
Unfortunately, after many changes of drummers, energy slows down.
The original line-up has been altered so they choose to stop the adventure. Nevertheless,
Main Row and Sam decide to create a new band, darker & fatter.
Their friend JB Pilon (who handled the recording of Bright Curse's EP) introduces
 Zak to them, a French drummer from the metal scene !
A gig at a private party, few psychotropics and a practice later,
 the alchemy was in the air. Bright Curse was born !


Big thanks to Sylvain

"Bright Curse brings a fresh wind straight 
from the streets of London.
Great melodies with fat guitar sound...and on the 5 track album is enough material at all to give this great band more stonerpoints. Some parts reminds me on band's like Greenhouse Effect so for me it's high quality music with a huge sound!!!"

9 from 10 Stonerpoints

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