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Galvano hail from Gothenburg, Sweden and comprises of duo Fredrik and Mattias. Formed in 2005, the band had one direction and one aim, to create something heavy. But it wasn’t until 2007 that the band let the outside world hear what they were creating when they released their first demo and started to play shows. The following years saw more touring across Europe playing alongside bands such as Black Breath and Alaskan.

Two Titans sees the duo deliver sludgy powerful riffs and intense drumming combined with slowed down dark passages. They enable you to go through a full spectrum of emotions then back again. Describing the album, Mattius (singer/guitarist) comments that:
‘All these songs are personal, all the way throughout the record. They are about personal matters and demons. It's about finding the darkest corners, the dark lord within and to show up for battle. Portrayed as two titans in constant battle: Good/Evil, Darkness/Light and so on. And sometimes wanting to embrace either side. It's about knowing when your mind is pulling tricks and being able to stop it. It's also celebrating our musical force as a duo.’

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"Galvano and the debut album...dark, oppressive and
exciting...this album has a big spectrum and comes with a lot great riffs and blasting parts..."Bleeding Lamb" or "Eternal Sword" are my absolutely favorite song's"

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“El Mal del Bien” saw its vinyl release in South America on March 19 2011, with a tour that hit Venezuela, Argentina and Chile; and later summer festivals and club shows in Holland, Czech Republic and UK. Three new video clips have contributed to the underground buzz that has been growing worldwide. The most important underground and mainstream media are unanimously praising the unique direction the band has taken. It also led to the band being requested to deliver a track for the Global Metal CD of Metal Hammer (in the Sept. 2011 issue), and many appearances on TV and radio with interviews and specials, as well as an appearance on the closing day of the already notorious DesertFest 2012 in London (alongside Orange Goblin, Karma to Burn, etc). In November 2012 “El Mal Del Bien” will be released as a digipack CD via Devouter Records (UK).

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"Cultura Tres are not the first time on my blog and that gave a reason...this band have a lot good vibe's...the new album "El Mal del Bien" stands out from its predecessors skillfully.What are you expecting many songs to grab your own!!!"

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Doom/Sludge Metal

The second full album of the american trio MAKE is coming hard and rare...hit's your face and and you can also relax at the same time again...MAKE make this possible...great album...enjoy "AXIS" and get to know the new page of this band.

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9 from 10 Stonerpoints

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