Sunday, November 25, 2012



While hidden away in smoke-filled cellars, occasionally emerging to conquer local venues, Estoner has finished their debut album "The Stump Will Rise", which takes listeners on a magical trip from grim forests to the vastness of the cosmos. Estoner's music is heavily psychedelic and psychedelically heavy, encrusted with clean vocals, massive guitar licks and weird noise from the planets orbit. The band has been influenced by various scenes and times - there's a pinch of prog, a spoonful of groove and even a few sprinkles of extreme metal, but the main inspiration has come from thick and juicy stoner-rock seasoned with raw doom metal. "The Stump Will Rise" contains 50 minutes of psychedelic heaviness divided into 7 songs, that take listeners far into a parallel dimension and leave them there. Drink up your mushroom tea!

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"smooth sound's and a harmonic atmosphere between the musician's and their instrument's...i would say a party for your ear dude, heavy stoner riffs with a lot of relaxed and lovely hits you hard and with no mercy ESTONER rocks!!!"

7 from 10 Stonerpoints

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