Tuesday, March 26, 2013

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Tongue is a rock band from Belgrade, Serbia. The band started as a Bizic Vladimir (Ripkid) solo project in 2010 after the demise of his long-running hardcorepunk band Lets Grow where he used to play the lead guitar. Tongue roots date back to 2003 with the band called Wishingwell that Bizic Vladimir was a part of (vocals) together with his late brother Pavkovic Srdjan (1978 - 2005) on guitar, Stevan Cirovic (Jaibo!, Lets Grow, While) on drums, Sinisa Videkanic on bass (Ex-Lets Grow) and Nemanja Gvozdenovic on lead guitar. Wishingwell didn't make any record or live appearance due to a death of Pavkovic Srdjan in 2005. 

Tongue has major influences from the genres of hardcorepunk, stoner rock, hardrock, classic rock and metal music but is open for experimenting.
The band set a plan to record a trilogy EP series called "A Night You'll Never Remember".

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"Tongue is not only a human-organ...also a  heavy rock band from Serbia...and that's what convinced tied in varied...from highschool band sound to nice chill parts and sometimes a stoner rock riffing part...Not my world but it's a nice music for a happy time..."

Big thank's to Biza
5 from 10 Stonerpoints

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