Monday, April 1, 2013

...Where is the wolf...

Retro Rock/Heavy Psych Rock

To put it into a nut shell: WolveSpirit plays rock. Good old fashioned and down to the bone, grinding rock. Loaded with heavy guitars, big drums, a bass that will let your pants flatter around your knees, and of course a swirling hammond organ, WolveSpirit most likely will take you on a trip back to the psychedelic 60s and the heavy rollin` 70s, if not into another dimension. But what tops the icing, are the raw, expressive and blues infused female vocals of the charismatic red haired singer reminding at times of a Janis Joplin or at others of a Stevie Nicks.


Ever wanted to live in a 60ies/70ies commune? WOLVESPIRIT tries to take you back in time, and want you to feel like that!

The Band from W├╝rzburg - Germany is a five headed occupation, with classical Hard-rock and Psychedelic instrumentation. Vocals, Guitar, Hammond Organ, Drums and Bass.
My first impression about DREAMCATCHER was a very clear and punchy digital kind of sound, which is not really typical for the age of vinyl. With the German producer Michael Wagener, the band hired a real Rock legend, to do the master mix of the Album.

The songs are well composed and show the talent of the musicians. Real Rock feeling comes out, when RIO (Guitar) and Oliver (Hammond Organ) play their solos.

On my listening sessions it was hard for me to get along with the special Voice of female singer Debbie. She gives this Piece of Work her special note.
Every part of the complete Work comes from members of the WOLVESPIRIT commune, the music and the art design. So if you want to move back to Rocking Times in a Time-machine that was build in 2013, listen to WOLVESPIRIT and their new album DREAMCATCHER.
Text by Bam Bam

  Big thank's to Rio

5 from 10 Stonerpoint

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