Sunday, January 5, 2014

...Buffalo steak and fat riffs to lunch!!!


Hey folks,
stop what you're doing in case it's not drinking some good whiskey, smoking some hazy pot or hittin' down the highway doing both.
Because here are 3 guys from Vancouver creating sounds that will dry your throat like a bong-session. „We hunt Buffalo“, riff-bombs you won't miss!
Their new release includes 4 tracks of fuzz-driven-stoner-power.
„Blood from a stone“, the groovy opener of this record immediately kicks you in.
Your head starts shaking by listening to this heavy piece of 4.20min.
Nice use of slower parts followed by some rolling mid-tempo stuff.
„Cobwebs“ captures this heaviness with some really great (maybe not dreamy but definitely) psychedelic atmospheres.
Sometimes the use of 2 vocals is the icing on the cake, what's the case in here.
Third track. „Hometown“. Here comes a turn. They seem to lose their dirty directly riffin' and flow more into a heavy-post-rock-kind-of-thing. Maybe not say lose but in my opinion here they missed it a bit.
With „Telepathetic Eyes“ they found a good solution for a closing track.
It's hard enough on the one hand and enough atmospheric on the other hand.
Last chance to mention this brilliant bass sound!
All in all a solid record.
I wouldn't say world-shaking but if you like some nice fuzz tunes enriched with some post-elements you're definitely right with this one.


Also check their other material, it's hot as hell!!!

7 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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