Thursday, January 23, 2014

...Cause i know you really want it...

Opoponax Records

You've been waiting a long long time for this to come! If not you just didn't know about your audio orgasm desires yet.
These 3 guys from Phoenix really got it.
For the few who didn't heard about them, they are pretty much comparable to a newborn, created during a neverendless satanic fuck orgy with ritualistic „sleep“ dimensions initiated by the „electric wizard“ his own.
This will and already did produce some fucking big waves in the scene.
„Rites of hash“. The first track. Guitar-starting punch of groove! Pure fuzz-driven pot pleasure.
Great vocals by mastermind Jeff Owens who writes most of the songstructures. Really outstanding mix between extreme powerful riffing and flowing grooves.
„Necromance“. Absolutely wizard-like. Spreading their diabolic movement around human spheres. Goya proving why there was such a huge demand for their first EP. Wah-pedal-burning shadows on stage, they really know how to create a good flow between slow and fast(er) riff-demons.
Oh yeah and then it comes „Night Creeps“. Upcoming from the depths of hell, these i-sold my-soul riffs just punch you in your goddamn face. „Forever dead, forever stoned“. Nothing else to add.
11 minutes of highness framed by a sound that everybody just dreams off.
„Death's Appro“. Another bummer. Getting closer to audio orgasms you'll beg for more while you keep on tripping to this one.
Sticky, filthy amounts of satan-riffs which lead to extraordinary weed desires.
„Blackfire“. Second song you should already know from their first EP.
Fasten your seatbelts folks cause this will kick your ass off.
Get the record, get some dope and booze and get your stoneheads fucked literally.
„Bad Vibes“ for pussy pop. Great last words for a record that surprised me positively like nothing else for some time.
Again: No compromises in here. Just fatness, played on point.
„Fuck you! I know you're gonna die“ 
I mean does it get any better or could you ask for more...
They give you exactly what you need and that's some fucking heavy stoner doom rock with clouds of green dust which stays in your mind. 



9 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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