Friday, January 3, 2014

...2014 is here i have a beer and i want to say something...

 ...2014 is here i have a beer...

After 143 Reviews, 4 Festival Checks and countless concert visits the year goes to an end and so I want to thank all people out there who have support us this year, we had 11 great shows in Salzburg with the concert series of the blogsite,a big thank you to the following bands:
Scorpion Child, Planet of Zeus, Spiral Arms, Nivalis, Ghouls come knocking, Greenleaf, Grandloom, Grey Czar, Chango, Nightstalker, Underdogs, Sativa Root, Otehi, Cosmic Dead, Black Space Riders, The Machine, Sungrazer, Ape Machine, Pater Nembrot, Stone Pine Circle, Doctor Cyclops ,Far away Town...every show,every evening whether or not well was a blast and i want to thank all of the SHLGYBT CREW (Flo, Christina, Dave, Martin, Roman, Manfred, Sebastian and Mina) who made this possible and helped me to do the shows and kept the blogsite alive. Also a big thank you to all who came to the shows over and over again, without you the site and the whole thing would not work. 2014 will be a cool year for another fresh reviews, interviews, festival checks and surely some great shows in the upcoming show dates:

Freitag, 3. Januar 2014 um 19:00
Rockhouse Salzburg
14. Februar 2014
Mark Salzburg
Mark Salzburg
19. April 2014
Rockhouse Salzburg
 ...more infos and dates soon...
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