Thursday, January 9, 2014

...time for some flower blues...

Alice Tambourine
Go Down Records
Psychedelic Blues

You wanna ride down the Route 66 with a bottle of Whiskey, your last bucks, a hot chick, a fucked up bottleneck guitar on the right place, and a voice like jefferson airplane , coven or nowaredays jex thoth, sabbath assemly or something like that?
Welcome to the weired psychedelic World of Alice Tamourine Lover! A really smooth groovy psychedelic bluesy folk journey threw a great world of instruments, tones, tunes and vibes!
Shame over my head, but i never heard of them before. Maybe thats why i am impressed so much of this masterpiece. I really like Blues and when it is psychedelic and funky too, thats my ride!
There are so much Tracks that i only wanna write over the whole Album and what i think about it. The Vocals very softly fiting in the wah n fuzzed up psychedelic blues guitars. Some Bottleneck, Harp and Tambourine inlays and other great Stuff rounds up the mixture.
There are only two artist who make sound for about a whole band. If you want the White Stripes but clearly different.
It only remembers on stoner stuff because of the „simple“ but mindbreaking riffing.
On the first few Tracks you can enjoy the very awesome voice of Alice.
But then the fourth track starts and „gipsy mind“ defenetly kicked me to another planet like a afterhour with the band of Gipsys and Hendrix. Really awesomse psychedelic love sound which couldn´t be played better from the old garde.
It is very nice to hear another album without the standard brew where they think they should play or the producers say that they should play this or that.
For me it is a new age hippie masterpiece of their own psychedelic stoner blues sight, wide away from the flood of modern Stoner that comes over us. Just see it like a present with a huge mixture of all tones a psychedelic stoneardhead will dream from.
„Between the Cup and Lips“ impressed me with the awesome Guitar bottleneck lick and the wah effekt which is strickly awesome (and my favorite track up there). PLAY IT LOUD!


7 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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