Sunday, January 26, 2014

The 5th Element...

The Black Explosion 
Heavy Psych/Stoner Rock 

Chris Winter took his rock and roll visions to create a spaced out, rock, fuzz and psyched out band called The Black Explosion. The musical style is rooted in rock & roll although it draws big influences from space-rock, soul, blues, noise and psych. After the great debut album Servitors Of The Outer here and now - the new album Elements of Doom. 

Now i hold the second „holy grale“ in my hands and i am really happy about it, because this record hits me like good acid! 
Welcome to the freaked out world of The Black Explosion! A really awesome psychedelic bluesy stoner crew with a epic potential to rock. The vocals remembers on Led Zeppelin, Iggy Pop, Wolfmother or something, but sounds clearly different, great arranged screams, and some effects and samples makes it better as it already sounds. What the whole Sound belongs at first definitely Hawkwind and White Stripes comes in my mind but it is harder, deeper and slower (mostly). The right point so say that i find that it is really good recorded and mastered. Sounds real professional for the second Album. The Tracklengt goes from 02:15 up to 06:01 minutes, apart from the „Wee will fall“ with the hidden track. 
The cover is really strange and awesome, what is a „must have“ for such a album. 
On the title track „Elements of Doom“ the Oscillator brubbles a strange brew with doomy riffs and some other spaced up stuff which sounds more fuzzed up, downtempo and psychedelic as on the first album. 
The whole band could get real legendary as Mr Winter still is in another scene. 
For me they are as good as Graveyard, Mamont and other bands from sweden, but it is another kind of music and especially that rulez. It may hasn´t the same „Earworm“ but comes very close on that point. 

Some „Asskick“ songs are up there, like „Freekin Ride“ or „Blow it away“ which has a huge hit factor. 

The Old School Fu Manchu, TAB, Nebula fraction will like „D-471“ pretty sure. 
But that is only Side a if it was a LP. There are a lot of other good songs up there. 
On „Mothership“ i thought Cheech and Chong himself cries out the intro and starts the ride. 
The riffs sounds a little bit like the good old Sabbath here on some parts but still another strain. 
A hidden Track and many good vibes are waiting at least as last track on this baby. 
Chris Winter – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Joel Bergström – Guitar
Simon Haraldsson – Bass,
Andreas Lindquist – Drums

Spaced out guitars, samples, bass, aggressive drums (as we heard on the first album) and a „out of control“ voice remembers us that we all „Will Fall“. 
I can highly recommend this record because they might get legendary and i have to say, that FOR ME they already are! So it's really worth listening! Not everyones sound of choice maybe, but i think the most Stonerheads will like it. 
And That is my point in the end: Check it out LOUD! Turn on, Tune in, Drop out! 



8 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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