Friday, January 17, 2014

...Slingshot from Vienna...

Deeply influenced by the sound of the 70's and the 90's Rock-Music, the Vienna band „SLINGSHOT“ combines mainly elements from Stoner Rock, Heavy Blues and Psychedelic Rock in their compositions.
Founded in 2006, after an initial productive phase began, where a Demo-CD was recorded, several reorganisations in the team had taken place.
During this time drummer Günther and guitarist Jonas prooved an iron will in continuing the development of their project. Thats the reason, why 2011 the band finally found its current members.
Bass player Wolfgang and singer Erich joined Slingshot, and therefore could realize their common desire, to start a Desert-Rock-Band.

With this present formation the direction of the band‘s music has developed from the basis Grunge bound to Heavy Rock/Stoner.
Erich, Jonas, Günther and Wolfgang are very versitale musicians, who were engaged with not only diverse Rock-Music styles as well as with Jazz, Funk, Electronic, Classical and Contemporary European Art Music and Traditionell Music from various cultures.
During their joint composing they playfully manage combining intuitivly their musical influence and ideas to a harmonious overall picture. In the meantime the pieces arise at the jaming in the rehearsal room, whereby this process is showing that the members of the band are very well used to playing together.
In Slingshot’s music smooth, pointed riffs and playfull, but captivating grooves are meeting and merging due to intelligent arrangements to a tight and varied collective.
The multifaceted and warmth radiating voice of the singer merges perfectly with the band, and raises their music to a more higher level of intensity.
Due to the change of light and loose moments, with extrem pressurefull passages, the atmospheric tunes with heavy guitar riffs, the four musicians are creating a tremdous tension.
Also with songs being torn back and forth over the asphalt with a steamroller – filthy, loud and without compromise – the band knows how to convince.


"With "A Period of Reflection" a real cool debut album is born. The album tells you a lot, ranging from different things of your every day live to other strange stories about it. The style reminds me sometimes on Monster Magnet, Brant Bjork as well on Vibravoid and Iggy Pop. There is no song on the track list which doesn't fit the concept, which, as a matter of fact works great with the composition of the songs. A living proof that Austrians can make good music ...Thumb up!!!"


8 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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