Thursday, October 10, 2013

...instrumental spaghetti western...

Instrumental Stoner/Space Rock

Korsakov%vol. were born as an idea,during the summer 2004,by a solo project of the guitarist Mundula Davide.This project after being through many changes of line up due to a particular sound,became real at the down of 2006 when the bassist Pierpaolo Dore(good old friend of the guitarist) and the drummer Marco Secci Joined in. The trio recorded the first demo "palmo muto" in july 2006. Shortly after the keyboard player Porcu Graziano (another good old friend) were going to be part of the plan.
The 4 although coming from different music style sometimes diametrically opposite, try to mix their own experience gained over the years in order to shake up the stagnant music scene( with physiological modesty)...

So that's the band who shown up at the " sottosuoni " contest in 2006 that was held in a venue called "transilvania". That's basically considered as a debut , even though the very first gig were performed in a place that we called "ORTO" for a private party ( who knows this place can easily figure it out what we are talking about )....
When the drummer left the band due to musical differences about a huge abuse of booze on the stage and relative disaster, but with 3 performance behind , the band went on just for few months before split up when Davide was gone to London looking for a strike of luck!!


"A very colourful sound what this guys create in their rehearsal room, there a lot of effects, synths and heavy riffs to hear and only the first three song's kicks ass, if you like band's like Oresund Space Collective, Monkey 3 or Electric Moon you will love this great sound of the italian guys, do!!
Grasshopper is my favourite song...Thumb up!"

big thanks to DAVIDE

8 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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