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Alternative Stoner / Psych

Another Exotic Band, another interesting Story!
Founded in New Zealand, CARSON had a lively past on this island. From 2009 to 2011 the band played a lot around the country, and recorded their 1st EP at “THE DANK” Studios ind West Auckland.
In 2011, vocalist and guitar player Kieran Mortimer-Jones moved to Switzerland and re-formed the band with Jan Kurzmann (Drums) and Elina Willener (Bass).
2012 the band won the “LAKESIDE FESTIVAL BANDCONTEST”, and recorded their 2nd EP , at the “REDHOUSE RECORDS” Studio in Switzerland.

The Music:
The EP  contains 6 Songs. The sound is well mixed and mastered. When it comes to full guitar presence, there is a big wall of sound, that entered my ears.

The Songs:
01 Chlorine Boogie
The Song starts with a big guitar line. And then a beat starts, that grooves along the whole track. It took me in good mood for the rest of the Disc.
02 Come
In this Song i love the distorted bass... Nice increasing at the end.
03 Love Muscle
Great Song Title ;) The track is mid tempo played, with a nice calm part at the second half.
04 Mercenary
That's a psychedelic one. Slow and atmospheric. The longest one on the Disc, and really stoned.
05 Suits You Well
The drum intro took me back to the road.
06 I Guess
A nice last song for the EP. I like the Voice at this track.


So, at the end there is to say, that the CARSON EP 2012 is a well done self released work. The whole EP will be great at your Car CD Player, for short or long distance road trips :)
Try it for your own Stoner Rock Ears!
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