Tuesday, August 28, 2012


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DOOMRAISER are a doom metal band from Italy and ERASING THE REMEMBRANCE is their second full length studio album. They were founded in 2003 with only one line-up change since then. At the time of their debut HEAVY DRUNKEN DOOM they seemed to have a more metal-like attitude but you can't claim that from their recent output. Listening to ERASING THE REMEMBRANCE the first time leaves you in a good mood and makes you want to slap the musicians on the back and tell them “well done”. 
At least if you like this kind of doom stuff. Nice, fluffy stoner rock of the heavier kind with several doom passages. Mostly the essentials - 70ies style guitars, bass, drums and appealing, relaxing vocals.
 There are spoken word passages, keyboards and FX too, but they are only used modestly. I like that. Certainly the musicians know how to use their instruments and how to create a groovy or creepy atmosphere. 

Well, apart from that nothing special... it seems. But if you give the album a closer look you will notice there's more under the surface. First of all it runs through your ears in one go, from the beginning to the end. This is actually a lot for a band to achieve! 
Listening the album several times you will notice that it has no flaws, no weak spots or fillers. No matter if it's a 2:45 acoustic track (“Head of the River”) or a 10min chunk of doom (“Another Black Day under the Dead Sun”) all their arrangements are beautifully put together without sounding artificial. 
The longer songs on this album feature several style and mood changes. If you want to get a grasp of what DOOMRAISER are about, listen to the 15min “Vanitas”. All in all, this is some major Doom Band!

Text by Erhard

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