Sunday, January 27, 2013 time!!!

This last friday was year of  "STONERHEAD LET GROOVE YOUR BRAINS TONIGHT" and that have to be celebrated with great live music (Black Space Riders, Been Obscene and Les Lekin), Stonerhead's Birthday Playlist and a lot of fun conversations and with great guest's and other stonerhead's and music lover's. The location "MARK" it gave us the possibility of a professional stage, sound equipment and of course "Lord Wacht" as a great sound engineer. 

The whole evening was very relaxed and everything went smoothly, the first band LES LEKIN from Salzburg starts their motors with the song "Who"and began to mobilize the first people in the hall and so and the party can begin.

Slow and psychy tunes mixed with hard fuzzy riffs equipped they make a really good job and the first people in the main row began to bang their head's to this awesome smooth sound.

Song's like "Aloha",  "Moon" and the new track's like "Useless","Boom" or "Floor" provide a powerful setlist. A successful warm up show for all who are just barely come out of the cold.

In the second round of this fat little Birthday Festival we have the honor to hear Been Obscene...also form Salzburg. These four dudes bring the blanket to burn, warm and fuzz full riffs, lot of melodic parts and interesting alternating rhythm's. 

Ranging from the one and only "Demons" to the newer "Endless Scheme" were represented all the hits.
The audience came to the enjoyment of a great live show with high quality music.

After loud scream after encore was joined by funky song "The Magic Table Dance" to use.
Obscene been clearly delivered a brilliant occurs and all had fun here.

After this spectacle, the people upgraded to the final round and picked up a beer at the bar.
Soon the stage shake again because The Black Space Riders now have an X-tra long setlist in baggage ... 90 minutes of pure heavy rock awaited us...

Arrived directly from Germany / Munster the Black Space Riders makes us happy with finest heavy rock and with a piece of Stoner Metal influences.

A great backline, 5 vocalist's and a troop of ass kicking soldiers from space with a setlist from their two album's makes a huge wall of sound let rotate the ears of the crowd.

My favourite song's like "Spacebomb,  Louder than Light and Lights out  where exactly equally brilliant as on CD or Vinyl of course we feel it live with more balancing and louder!!!

From the beginning, an exhilarating show with all with all facets that a good rock must have...
stomping drum parts, a fat bass line, fast forward riff's and this driving vocal work.

After an encore the fine party came unfortunately to a glorious end and everybody enjoy the band's and the smooth atmosphere, enjoy also the live pic's in the photo package links here.

filmed by Hanno
Thank's to all friend's,family and stonerhead's out there  for the great support in the whole last year, the band's, to Gerd from "Mark Freizeit Kultur", to the bar crew, the security, the mighty catering service and all the music lover's out a part of it and make this concert series possible.
I look forward to another year full of great show's with you!!


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