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The Great Khan
Southern/Stoner Rock

Buzzer is a southern rock - stoner trio from Tel Aviv, Israel, formed in 2004 by Greg Buzzer (guitars, vocals) Roy Khen (drums) and Gil' Ben Yaakov (bass). In 2005 the band self-released their debut album "Got Me Wasted", which gained them recognition in the local scene. Buzzer also became known for their energetic live performances. The next album "Buzzraiser", also self-released and self-produced, followed in 2007 and was well received by the stoner crowd. The year 2009 saw Buzzer releasing two EP's; "Alive" and "Rolling".

2012- Greg Buzzer releases a-self titled 7-track solo project, under the name of "The Great Khan"- a warm, fuzz driven, southern and classic rock influenced studio project.

After a few line up changes occurred, the current members - Greg Buzzer, Roy Chen, Eran Gier and second drummer Rom Gov are looking forward to continue generating Buzz throughout the near and distant feature.


2005 – "Got me wasted" 
2007 – " Buzzraiser" 
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"What a great album...
cool  stoner/metal of first class with powerful voice!!!"

2009 – "Alive" EP 
2009 – "Rolling" EP 
2012- " The Great Khan" 

The Great Khan's" new release is out !!! 
Warm and Fuzzy, classic/southern rock influenced-studio project. 

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1. Eye for an eye
2. Can't you see
3. Papa was an alligator
4. No#4 (black Deville 1969)
5. Lay me down
6. Dia de los muertos
7. Rise of the Khan

Thank's to Greg Buzzer

"The Great Khan combine classic rock with hard and rich fuzz sound,
of that there is a strong influential southern rock. Clutch, Down, Pig Iron or Five Horse Johnson are absolutely equal to convince high for me and all along the line.
But the great "Buzzraiser" disc fuck's me a little bit harder...the following 
 rating thus includes the entire band, project of Greg Buzzer!"

8 from 10 Stonerpoints

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