Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Pink is the new Black...

Pinkemical Sunset
 Hard Rock/Prog Rock

Ok, lets get it on... at first it sounds very groovy and funky on "My Woman" with a huge bass sound and after all that, 
BOOM! the vocalist gives a asskick with his voice and starts with the crew the whole thing on.
The vocals are very massive and sounds a little bit like Ragga Reggae or Tribe Metal sometimes. 
Mostly very fat bad ass angry deep voluminous stuff and on the other hand there are sometimes 
cleaner parts with some effects on a few parts.
The whole album is very fuzzy, but for sure not for every Stonerhead i think.
What the track length belongs is all in the lower range with about 3 to 5 minutes.
A Phaser beams Us into "Paranoia", the second track. Some good arranged drum parts gives this track a personal note.
But like all tracks straight, slow, deep, hard and short.
In "Change" they really change the sound, now it gets a little bit more melodic, and some good breaks rounds up the track.
Guitar solos are not really much there... in "Absynth" you can hear one, and even that is more in the background.
The sound is pretty direct and straight. Sometimes the Voice remembers me on Nu-Metal / Alternative stuff or something.
But sounds still like underground Stuff and did not get "commercial" or something.
"Orgasm" starts with a smooth slow clean reefer tone. Some ambient sounds came through too the first time, and the bass sounds awesome here.
the vocals sounds very dirty, like a heroin shot through the microphone.
Time for the next Track "Thought". It was the first time where i really thought on Stoner Doom or Stuff like i expected, but it is still not on it´s best.
I am sure that they have even more potential as we can hear on this Album.
"Deformed" definetly sounds like straight Rock or Alternative track, except of the fuzzy guitar sound. The drums are really cool here.
Grunge or Crossover from the early 90z comes in my mind.
Finally we got i a nice cup of "Tea" It seems like a final Statement where they show that the can do it if they want. A strange brew of various Vocals with
fat fuzzy sounds over nice breaks n fill in´s upon real good drums. The end gets a bit Doomy too. The riffs remembers me sometimes on Spiritual Beggars,
but it´s a very different own sound Pinkemical Sunset has. Very nice Track!
It it my favorite Track on this Album, because here is all i expected from a Stoner track.


 5 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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