Saturday, December 28, 2013


Perro Malo
Hard Rock/Stoner Rock
Go Down Records

High n Hell again oh Stonerheads!

“USELESS” is Perro Malo second release with this EP the band joins the “Go Down” family. Perro Malo was born in 2007 from the ashes of “Sartana” and “Doctor Doom” with the idea of playing a new kind of stoner rock. His garage/punk and dark aptitude mixed with a certain nostalgia for some items of rock and hardcore 80's, takes the band out of the gigantic atmospheres of the desert rock to come to more linear and fast compositions, fit for his aptitudes. Perro Malo reaches bot, a melancholic and a ironic punk sound with some stoner ambition leading to the bands first full- length “New tricks for old dogs” for the british label CoPro Records. I am really happy to hold this EP in my hand for a review. Those Guys could get legendary! It starts smooth n groovy with "Somethin Wrong" and after the first 20 seconds, they get it on! Great vocals over awesome sounding riffs and a great drumer which rounds up the crew and brew. At first the voice rememberd me on Hermano and the other stuff from Mr. Garcia, but the sound is clearly different! 
Garage or Post Rock with a little bit punk and some kind of stoner stuff is the magic mixture.. The whole Album has a huge "Hit" or earworm factor and turns on, tunes in and drops out. "Useless" is a wonderfull track, and for sure the right one for the album title. The part "useless to say you gotta work until you die" shows up their opinion! There are five cachy tracks from about 3 to 5 minutes, also well preperated to play it LOUD! A good arranged tribute to Lou Reed (the Velvet Underground) is up there too, called "Vicious". (Tribute because there is a difference for me between a straight cover or a tribute, and this one is an awesome omage to the lord of the brown sugar drown sound.) "Somethin Deosn´t Work" starts with a more clean reefer tone and gets a little bit weird at the end. And thats good! Some spaced up wah guitars and chaos breaking through. The vocals are"out of control" till the whole thing gets back in time, and chills you back after you have pushed the repeat button. The album is short but for me a really good entry to the doors of perception! It´s like Iggy Pop going stoner rock or something. If they polish up the cover and the packaging they would get even more respect for this gift. On the other hand, the cover reminds me on a 7" Vinyl with only a sheet of paper in a plastic cover and the cd in there. From this sight it is awesome but not good to handle. However, it is just the promo disc which I am holding in my hands, and in the end, only or mostly the sound counts, and this is really well done here. The mixing and mastering could be better. Every Stonerhead who love straight Hard / Post / Garage Rock with a Iggy Garcia note and a piece ot desert rock from the early years will enjoy it! 



6 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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