Thursday, December 19, 2013

...spooky tunes and a lot of dunst...


Dunst met each other for the first time in 2009, also the band was founded in this year. After having already played some gigs nearby Berlin, they finally recorded their first album at big snuff studios, which was given the name „Dunst“. In 2012, the 2nd album „Archimedes Waffen“ followed, which is also a basic element in the liveshows. Dunst does a great work on their instruments and keep the songs work well, however especially the mood fits the whole album. Just like the artwork also the songs convey a sacred thing. Personally I think, that the sound and the song's are very epic and enthralling for an instrumental band, as it is hard to make music without vocal parts (if you don’t want your listeners to be bored). Concerning the influences, it is clearly some kind of a Krautrock band like early rock bands (60´s & 70´s Can, Kraan, Rush, Agitation Free, Camel, 2066 And Then, Cream.) I’m really looking forward to see them live in the near future...



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Vintage Cucumber from Germany/Berlin do a very weird sound, they mix a lot of samples with many effects,loops,randoms and other psychful modular special effects. "Yoki Style" has a lot of ...I call them once noisy songs...sometimes spooky and strident and then on the other hand very reassuring and peaceful(maybe my mum can do a meditation and swim with some dolphins in the sea and become a mighty turtle whisperer)but also some really cool tracks with fixed structures you can find on this record. Song's like "Das Mönchsgebrabbel" or "Alles in Butter"(A very funny song with 80's mood and it reminds me on the band "The Wooden Ships"). Enjoy the album and have fun...and get a good old german krautrock mood...


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