Friday, March 7, 2014

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Killer Moon is a psychedelic journey of three friends throughout the best years and times of our lives, reflected within our music. We are chasing a high mountain one that will enrich our souls, and make us better people and musicians. Our journey is one of love, anger, pain, sweat, and blood. Psychedelic jam band with classic rock and doomy sludge undertones. Extended instrumentals paired with ambient vocals make Killer Moon a must see for anyone looking to expand their mind and musical horizons.
Killer Moon was formed by Jesse Garza, Alejandro Santoyo & Amaris Aviles in the summer of 2007 in Chicago. The group honed in on their sound for about a year before deciding to take their talents to South Florida. Garza, Santoyo and Aviles were in Miami for 2 years playing shows and living under the same roof until the two decided to move back to the Chicago on Thanksgiving in 2010.

Upon their return to the Windy City, Killer Moon started playing shows at a break neck pace. The trio has recently started touring in the Midwest and continues to draw increasingly larger crowds in Chicago.
Killer Moon’s new album was recorded at Semaphore Studios and Electrical Audio with producer and musical wizard Sanford Parker. Self Titled Album was released May 2012 and can be purchased wherever available.

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"It has been some time ago that a band impressed me this much! I even wrote a message to them to get the possibility to write a review for them ,that means a lot I think. The Retro Wave is coming and bands like Blues Pills, Mud Walk, Vidunder and a lot of others relieve the good old times again...Killer Moon have no reason to hide from bigger bands in this kind of music, they will rock the stages of this planet hard and dirty. With their own style they will charm many people live and hopefully they will release a vinyl. This music makes fun and has a high recognition value, trust me...get your own copy of their great work now!!! Thumbs up!!" 

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