Saturday, March 22, 2014



This Stuttgart based 4 piece stoner constellation called Mahat release their LP „Looking for a ride“.

This 12 song construct wants to call desertscapes and whiskey soaked, sun-dried highways it's home.

„Atacama“, the opener starts rolling and groovin' in a pretty direct way. Easy structures for easy listening. Maybe this refrain is played a bit too long but it flows.

„Looking for a ride“ the self titled track of the album. Some nice, nasty blues rock riffs and even the voice is ok.
„Role model education“ isn't that kind of outstanding. A solid track pretty much focused on vocals and that's what i don't like that much. Comparable to tons of other stuff unfortunately.

„Solitude“ sadly continues what started a song earlier. Too much voice and a bit too melodical for my kind of taste. The riffs changing a lot from quite cool stuff to non-innovative 3 chord punk manner.

„Desert Night“. This one is actually pretty cool. Nice acoustic orientaded guitar track.

„Rewind“ really not my style. Sounds a bit insincere to me,I mean it isn't that bad but also not that cool. I'm missing somekind of an own style.
 „Skulls 'n bitches“ is probably the best song of this average record. Fast powerful riffin'...ok, the voice could be reducedfrom loudness (at the whole album) but the rest is ok. Breaking through the average and find it's way to the favorite track of this record.

„Lost“. To be serious i don't like this one but always remember music is subjective so maybe you dig it. Who knows.

There are 4 tracks left. Same manner. Identical structures. Not bad but the peak was done with Skulls 'n bitches. Stays solid but not above average sound pleasures.



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