Thursday, March 20, 2014

...High delberg


High n Hell oh again Stonerheads!

GRIT are from Heidelberg / Germany and plays heavy psychedelic rock with a heartfelt jam-based approach to songwriting and perfonmance.
They currently recordet an EP-sized demo, which is freely avbailable in digital form on their homepage!

I never heard from this Band before, so i was very amazed about their first EP.
The Cover itself inspired me to climb up the snowy hills... (no not what you think! …ok maybe on first sight hehe) crap i want to sit up on the top of the Hill and Chill. Flying high with this windy, nature, psychedelic carped ride.

„First of it All“ is the right name for the first track and starts smooth with some nature sounds and melodic guitar playing. After that, a cool ska riff kick up the whole thing and let funk the fuck of.
A Sabbath like riff inlay brings us a awesome break till the next melodic psychedelic guitar orgy starts again. The Drums are very impressing on the whole album and deffinetliy rounds up to the concept.

The second Track is the same scheme but starts more oriental and fuzzed up.
At the middle of „She“ they get a bit harder, and at the end deeper and slower.
A Didgeredoo rings in the end and let us still in this deep nature ambient vortex wich is over the whole EP.
The „Rhizome Dumpster“ is another Chillout Track with smooth melodics and right placed breaks which are perfectly in touch with the growling bass and drums. The Stuff remembers me a little bit on Hypnos69, Tumbleweed Dealer or Colour Haze but like i always said... clearly different :-)
Yeaaaahhhh now fasten up your Seatbelts.... here comes last but not least my favourite Track on this Baby: „Try Zen“

get it here

The experiment goes on... it gets more heavy and doomy, when the song starts.
Some strange sounds and samples show us a panorama of a desert or something. It feels like the sun burns down and the water is out... only the tunes keep us alive for a few minutes. The bassline and drums kicks us back in time. Weired delayed tones leading us the way to the end, but before the Album is over they kick our asses again with some fine Stoner Riffs.

The EP is well-made and for me a really good entry into the Gates of Stonerland!
The whole Project is instrumental and don´t need a Vocalist, it is perfect how it is.
For my opinion their could be more doomy parts like we can hear in „Try Zen“ but for sure thats a question of taste. And there is no Material in the www. Hard to find pics, or any Info about the Band. Thats very sad because, they really show their potential on their first EP.

The mixing and mastering seems to be selfmade and is very good, no barriers for enjoining their sound LOUD!


7 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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