Wednesday, February 26, 2014

...a wall made out of wood...

Stoner Metal/Sludge
Red Sound Records

I am sitting here at night, to do this Review about WOODWALL.And this Album now repeats for the 10th time in a row... This Band really kicks ass with its earth-bounded sound. From the fuzzy and thick bass, played by “Massimo Cornali”, to the rough voice, its all a giant WALL. So the Italian Guys figured out the right name for their band, i think! 

“WoodEmpire” comes with 6 varied songs. The very first song starts with a Synthesizer / Moog Sound played by “Paolo Cipolla”. This instrument colors the whole CD. It is still Stroner, still Metal, but also Electronic. That makes it Interesting and gives you this kind of Psychedelic feeling, you need!! The Guitar of “Mattero Signanini” one time comes fat and heavy, other times it gives the needed space for the psychedelic parts. Just like my favorite track “Walden”. And then there is “Signanini's” special voice, that fits wonderful to the sound of the band.
So, fact is: WOODWALL created their own special sound, that lets them differentiate from the many other bands, in this great genre of music!

Text: Bam Bam

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8 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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