Saturday, February 15, 2014

...Pocket full of nothing Head full of weed...


 "Pocket full of nothing Head full of weed"

As an attack on modern pop culture and inspired by American bands such as Buzzoven, Weedeater and Bongzilla, the dirt bag heroes of Slowjoint, drags through slow bluesy riff's only to explode in a beer fueled mothertrucker of a jumping groove. With a highly raised middle-finger to the upper class the lyrics adds an aggression that punks it all up and keeps the buzz going.

After only four months of existing, the band recorded a three track demo called Retarded Blues Anthems, recorded live in the studio by Christian Bonde @ CBstudios (DK). It was recorded in one day on, May 3rd, 2012. It was released for free streaming on the Internet, and later re-released on cheap ass secondhand tapes in a very limited edition, all copies recorded by the band itself. 

Enjoy this great Interview on the sludgelord blogsite here

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"It's loud, dirty and their like-minded bands like Weedeater, Dopethrone, Buzzoven they live from fat bass lines, they come straight from the deep of hell.
This three Weedians love the green plant and
this can be heard also the texts and you can feel it on every fucking tone.For a lot people it's
unpleasant noise for me it's
energetic and just plain intoxicating dirty. I like this kind of music and i can
I can highly recommend this demo and i think also the next releases will be work good.
Kick back and stretch your sack because here is...SLOWJOINT...make some noise!"

8 from 10 Stonersludgepoints

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