Monday, February 24, 2014

Introducing the misty witches of Mist

Doom Metal

A 5 piece doom-metal band from Slovenia, Ljubljana formed in 2012.
This all-female line up released their first Demo tape and started to enter the stages in end of september last year.

2 Tracks on this one.

„Phobia“. Hell yeah, the first 2 parts are bringing you the daily dose of 70's proto doom-metal. Really dark atmosphere, groovy flare but also straight impulsive thinking. Uncomfortunately the voice which starts with the 2 riff doesn't fit for me. Probably you should just convince yourself but in my opinion it's a typical case of less would be more. Anyway the riffs are cool, the drums fit and it got some nice grooves in it.

Second song „The living dead“ is definitely the weaker one. The riffs are ok. Not outstanding but still ok. But they lose this 70's character. I don't like it that much but maybe this can turn into some cool stuff soon. I mean the directions are right just the implementation isn't that well yet.
Like i said, convince yourself.




5 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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