Friday, February 14, 2014


 A new album from the psych rock dudes of GO BANANAS is born and and is baptized "Erutan".
This second strike after the cool debut "I no seas" has more psychedelic parts and bursting with fresh energy and ideas. Funny song names like "Never buy Weed from an Alien for more than 382 Liters Water" or the awesome instruments they use in the songs are really pleasant and something new.The individual sound structures let the whole not be boring and one or another song with hit potential is to find on this compact disc of the yellowed fruits.

Some song's are in vernacular of Austria, the other song's are played in english...
The vocals are smooth,hold back and merge throughout the whole band.
The solo parts are very varied and playful, they pass through different worlds.
No value is placed on a fixed structure or to comply with any standards, also the design of the cd and the whole all around is very thoughtful.
The tour edition is made of a wood board and the CD comes in a cool Vinyl style, so it's possible to hang their album on your wall in your living room.
The final edition will come soon and can be ordered on their facebook site or via mail.
Give them a chance to fruit your day...

Release 22.03.2014
If you interested in a record, write them a message on facebook or a mail to:

8 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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