Wednesday, September 5, 2012

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Funeral Marmoori 

FUNERAL MARMOORI released their debut album, creatively called “Volume 1” in 2011. This review is all about it. According to the Metal Archives they play Progressive Doom Metal, but I would say they are more traditional. Just listen to the first track “Funeral Marmoori”, I wouldn't call this progressive. The sound of “Volume 1” seems more 70ies Sabbath influenced with some doom passages. Like their colleagues DOOMRAISER, who I've written about a few days ago, FUNERAL MARMOORI are some doom guys and a doom girl from Italy. 

The first time I listened to this album I was not very keen about it, to be honest. Not very innovative and even for a doom band some riffs are repeated pretty often. More variety within the songs would suit them well. But the thing which really annoyed me were most of the keyboard parts. On some songs (especially 1st, 2nd track) the keyboard really ruins the song. Like some guitar parts the keyboard passages repeat themselves very quickly, but are unfortunately more intrusive. Too much in the foreground if you ask me. 

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I would not go as far to call FUNERAL MARMOORI a bad band. If you give the a second run, you'll recognize that they do have their moments on this album. Like the 3rd track “Drunk Messiah” and the 5th track “Black Rooster”. At least these two songs sound like respectable compositions. The rest of the matierial... even if there are good parts, there are also flaws which ruin the songs or make them a boring listening experience. FUNERAL MARMOORI have potential, but we have to wait for later albums to fully reveal it. IMHO you can skip this debut album. 

Text by Erhard F. 

4 from 10 Stonerpoints

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