Thursday, September 13, 2012

...time for a interview...

A interview with the singer 
"Bill Brown" of the german stoner rock band "Bushfire"

Let's talk about Bushfire how would you describe your sound?

Well the sound is a good mix of rock and blues along with other various musical elements.

A new album is expected us what is waiting for us and when will it be available?

2013. we have a great solid base and i believe "diversity" is the core of this album. since we began in 2004 we had a plan. we have overcome that with great success, now the songs we are writing all have their own path and i believe the BF sound is what marries them all together. but in the end (you) the listener will be the judge of that. 

Let us talk about the last BUSHFIRE/WIGHT tour did you enjoy the time? What can

you say about the band WIGHT and which compound has bushfire tied to this band. And what the fuck mean’s “Malaka”?

We all enjoy the time we spend together, it is a true brotherhood. some bands you can tour with and you are friendly to another but with all the M.O.T.U. tours we are FAMILY. everyone is taking care and watching for the other... when we tour together i see it as 1 big band giving you the viewer a larger spectrum of sound for the evening. in DA the town is small enough that everyone knows everyone from mostly all types of bands. if you are a musician here then you've been in many beds... oops bands.
malaka is a greek word and that's all i'm allowed to say (or i have to kill you)  

Which song of yours do you like playing live the most?

The song at the moment are all the new ones coming, like "dream" or "elephant" as far as things already released i would say "useless" or "nwo33".

What moment or concert do you think was the highlight of your rockcareer until now?

The highlight is easy. i'm 40 and been doing this for a while now. my highlights are those (bookers) who make our time on the road very comfortable and they make the effort to go out of the way to show it. for example freakvalley or WDS or SFTU. i guess the best was SFTU only because we were the first to play and then we could party for the next 3 days with all the people we met over time. what a nice family of freaks!

Do you remember the first record you owned? If yes, can you still listen to it without feeling ashamed?

The first record i bought was "thriller" and i can still listen to it. but in all actuality my mother had a good collection of LP's ranging from sugarhill to the doors to hank to the bee gees to rush. secondly, american radio was the shit in the early/mid 70's. i think i have a vast openminded musical ear.

Which type of music or band do you think is so bad that it should be prohibited?

The only music to prohibit is music without HEART. and i believe everyone can hear what that is. i'm not going to be specific because i believe it is all our own personal choice what we like and don't like. 

Whats your favourite albums in this year 2012?

Hmmm i've been listening to the green/yellow from baroness and orangegoblin at the moment. but my highlight was hearing siguria at sftu (i guess thats not from 2012 but i never heard of them before and they blew me away and of course Wight not only for the kick ass fusion of jazz and rock music but also because i'm on it as well for a track or two. (under my real name)

Last and most important question: Which advice can you give all the young and unknown singers/songwriters out there?

Do what you do with heart, and do it for yourself. DIY is not a bad thing and as long as you do it for the right reasons, people will notice your heart.

Thank's for this nice words...

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