Friday, July 12, 2013

...Hey colossus!!!

Stoner/Progressive Metal

True to their roots, this powerful trio who performs a headstrong metal with roots deep in the impenetrable mire of the stoner/doom/sludge tradition nuanced with streaks of progressive rock, post metal and psychedelia. A wide blend of influences are entwined and results in an accomplished and coherent music that is as direct and powerful as it is multi layered and meandering. Names that are commonly mentioned in relation to Colossus are Mastodon, Neurosis, Kyuss and Tool to name a few.

Colossus have created a name through a series of intensive, well regarded gigs throughout Stockholm rock scene. The demo "The Mechanical Engineering of Living Machines" gave the band a huge following all over the world and the songs could be heard on radio stations and compilations throughout the globe. 

Now, a year later the follow up is due for release, enter three song EP "Spiritual Myiasis" filled with nearly 20 demanding minutes. With this release, which is the final step to the coming fulllength album scheduled this fall, the band aims to take the next step onto the established scene and spread their music to a bigger audience.

Wake up here

"Colossus is a kind of a three headed medusa, adaptable and varied,beautiful and ugly but above all just very filling for my ear!!! 9 Track's of finest prog/stoner metal with a touch of old known band's like TOOL, Mastodon, or the Ocean...a sound what i prefer so am obliged to evaluate these guys really good...thumb up!!!"

9 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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