Thursday, September 29, 2011

...its done...

13000 click since may 2011, thanks to all musiclovers out there and also the guests from outta space, thanks for the great support for my site and the bands, thanks for the e-mails and all the other cool stuff, i hope we rock on hard together, with the force of stoner/doom/psych/prog/post/metal-energy!!!

I say it again and again...its your chance...

Do you play in a band and want a own review about your new album, demo or video, write me:

if you are a label or studio, write me, we can work together
promos are always welcome

is a blogsite from a stonerlover for stonerlovers, all of doom, sludge, stoner, psych, post, prog-metal site, with live photos(by Stonerhead), upcoming gigs, stonernews all other lovely stuff, enjoy and come to to facebookgroup (Stonerhead let groove your brains tonight) and learn to love new bands and great tunes, enjoy and be a part of it.

you can download the 2010 Demo here for free, enjoy:

keep on rollin

upcoming interview with lorenzo woodrose, toner low review, and other cool stuff, enjoy now my own solo project, recorderd 2010, its just the raw version,please let me know your mind...