Sunday, October 2, 2011

...makes you me...

Colour Haze you know? Haha sure you know Colour Haze...this guys are one of the most professional psych/stoner bands in stonerhistory, since 1994 they groove your brains, since 1999 in this great line-up,
riffs from outta space...certainly one of the hottest bands in our time...if you like this kind of music...
...but then you would not even be on this page. 
Back to main...they had big problems with the studio recordings, slowly but already it looks as if it would soon be ready...the 11th album "She Says" appears on the great label "Elektrohash" again, the label of the great guitarist (Stefan Koglek) of Colour Haze. If you are at the concerts (Up in smoke or others) in the run this year, you have noticed they are starting with new material of the songs are now here for free download "TRANSFORMATION" not the final version but it's also very good for you!!!
Please support Colour Haze, buy shirts, CD's and LP's on elektrohash
...see you on some gigs of this Heroes... 

10 from  10 Stonerpoints
thanks to the Band, Elektrohasch and for the good work