Wednesday, October 19, 2011

...who let the dogs out....


Simone "Sabbath" of UNDERDOGS wite me, and so i will proudly present his great
italian band, nowofficial  on my blogsite.Dark and deliberate elements of THE MELVINS and FU-MANCHU round out this robust sound creating a solid musical foundation to pleasure your earholes. From start to finish every song is a hit. Every glorious chord, every single note. Enjoy bio, video and the download. 
Have Fun!

 If you want to listen to their shit you can try here: 

Once in a great while, a band comes along that sets itself apart from the rest.With the recent explosion of independent music this becomes an even more difficult task.
As rock bands evolve and develop a more technical and refined sound, it becomes increasingly necessary to sonically "strike hard and fast" and leave your listener "hooked and begging for more. Powerful and versatile trio inspired by the "desert rock", supported by GoDown Records and formed in 2004. They already occupy a respectable place in the Italian underground, thanks to a lot of granitic & wild r'n'roll gigs all over Italy (and not only..), supporting international cult bands such as Nebula, Josiah, Colour Haze, OJM, Joe Lalli (Fugazi), The Answer, Brant Bjork (Kyuss), and many more!! The lucky debut album "Ready to burn" was released in 2007 for GoDown Records, followed in 2009 by an E.P. unplugged "Dogs without plugs".After one year away from the scene for recording the new album & changing drummer, on summer 2011 they are ready to come back and strike again.
This sophomore album "REVOLUTION LOVE" follows-up right where the "Dogs" left off with (“Ready to burn” – GoDown Records 2007). Long-time dynamic duo Simone (bass&vox) and Michele (guitars) have joined forces with new drummer (Alberto Trevisan) and this super-union of rock-and-roll power is a force to be reckoned with! The new album you can buy here.

In the meantime you can download the unplugged album

7 from 10 not amped Stonerpoints

even soon on my blog the new album...