Sunday, October 16, 2011

...goddamn my face...

are a friendly 3 Dudes/Mike/Tuka/Max) 
are from Toronto/Scarborough, Canada.

With their experimental industrial psych sludge 
they can rock your home, 
in your car or even your neighbours to.

I know this band from the excellent blogsite named sludgelord
enjoy his can download the new album "Tone Debris" see other great posts.
Last week they write me i write down this sentences can present this free link for a nice 43:10 minutes of great sludge. "Monotoneoteny" is a great album, listen to to complete album before you make a opinion. Eyes Without a Face (French: Les yeux sans visage) is also a 1960 French-language horror film adaptation of Jean Redon's novel. If you like the lyrics or you want to read it, do it here.

or downlaod the album "Monotoneoteny" here
and lyrics here

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