Monday, October 3, 2011

...something special...

...are a  french sludge/noise band, BitterChupChupWeLose makes your legs smooth and loose.
The band was created in 2009 and they come from the city of Cahors.
Strange drum rhythms, minimalistic vocals and mad undergroundsounds.

They  released a 12" LP in 2010 and now they have released a 10" EP in co-production with their own label, "suicide commercial"
and "Piou Piou Records" from Toulouse.
Both releases are vinyls with silkscreened covers. 
note especially the following songs: Best Man On Earth, gallinaceous Modification, White Flower and my favorite "Rubber disinhibition," sometimes you think one listen to a QOTSA riff.
If you want some write them on facebook or good for you!!!
feel that special

and the other great album ...

Bitterchupchupwelose - s/t 10

7 from 10 Stonerpoints 

thanks to the band!!!