Friday, October 7, 2011

...fuck, where are my goddamn legs...

Hollow Leg 
since 2007
One guitar, one drum set, two men, and a lot of beer is how HOLLOW LEG got started.

In the fall of 2007, Tim Creter and Brent Lynch found themselves jamming heavy music for the reason of wanting to hear what they needed to hear. What they needed to hear was straight-forward, riff-based rhythms with heavy tone and melody below savage vocals. The two grew up listening to Black Sabbath, Metallica, Judas Priest, and Iron Maiden, and these first influences never went away. Having played in a variety of bands of different styles, the two knew they were doomed as metal-heads forever, and also didn’t like making more than one phone call. Hence, HOLLOW LEG was born, and their first show in July of 2008 to open for Dark Castle and Cough was a few blocks from their practice space in Jacksonville, Florida.
For the next three and a half years, HOLLOW LEG played around the Southeastern United States, randomly opening for the likes of Kingdom of Sorrow, Zoroaster, Jucifer, and Sourvein, while creating their own underground brotherhood through small tours and trading shows with Junior Bruce, Shroud Eater, Sons of Tonatiuh, Subrig Destroyer, and Omean. Tubes were fried, drumsticks were broken, beer cans were crushed, and people smiled. The most fruitful relationship was that with Junior Bruce, as lead singer Scott Angelocos recorded HOLLOW LEG’s 2010 demo in his new studio in Deland, Florida. Bassist Tom Crowther was omnipresent at the studio as well, and more shows were played and miles logged.
In July of the same year, Tim and Brent returned to the newly-christened High Five Audio to record the ten song album...
..."INSTINCT" your leg here

While touring with Shroud Eater in March of 2011, the drunken suggestion was made that Scott and Tom should join HOLLOW LEG. Without much thought, two phone calls were made, and the four began jamming together in April. Now, what was heavy has become heavier, and the tribe has doubled in members.

New material is being written as a four piece since June, 2011...its not happen...

Very good band, kicks ass, sucks blood and eat your legs...sounds sometimes like an old clutch perfectly!!!

9 from 10 Sludgepoints

thanks to Brent !!!

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