Thursday, October 13, 2011

...Too weird to live. Too rare to die....


 ...nice that we are all pretty healthy...
...due to all the tree radiation, dying bees, cell phone sex, nude planets being discovered, global whoring and organic mutagen bio magnitude, you gonna find yourself surrounded by monsters. big ones, small ones, really fucking average ones, some have pitbulls for arms. some melt like ice cream in the sun. some have chocolate skeletons. some have tinsel for teeth. some are teachers, cops, presidents, aut...hors, escape artists, bullshit artists, art school students, nurse sharks, etc. in conclusion, we want to fuck yr ears on the first date. we want to find audio equations and sound combination's that will collapse your senses and make your neurons splinter, snap and reroute. you may wet yourself a little.

 "Incredible mix...vocals somethimes like Henry Rollins....sometimes like Justin Bieber on crack...weak parts and art blood, sexy woman jumps around in a fucking crazy and  strange show" 

Its hard and strange stuff...enjoy!!!

"Trash as the Trophy"

7 from 10 Weakrockpoints

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