Sunday, October 30, 2011

...Stonerhead and the Operators...

Stoner/Psych/Desert Rock
feels like...the Doors or the Ramones in the world of stoner rock
Rock on Dustdown

..."Stoner Rock'n'Roll Overdrive"...

In mid-2008 was found in Berlin a very special constellation of six young men, beyond their geographical and musical roots far beyond Berlin. Driving drums, rolling bass, symbiotic guitars, joyous organ and versatile-creative vocals combine the rock music from the 60s to today in a fun and exciting cocktail.
This nice dudes from Germany construct a nice wall of sound, with many instruments and a great live shows, they played with a lot of great stoned bands like Grandloom, Pyrior, Fuzzmanta and JUD and others...
The songs were recorded and mixed by the band. The record is published by the band's in-house brand 'DUSTOWN', renowned in Berlin for their stoner rock events,
until a label has been found.

Säsh - drums
Dan - bass
Orge - guitar
Dirk - guitar
Konni - organ
Eggat - vocals

LINK DOWN...decision of the band.
but you can buy the album on the upcoming link

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