Saturday, October 22, 2011

...united troops of doom...

Meditative Stoner/Doom
Netherlands/Peru/Brazil/Unitated States

Formed in November 2010, Ayahuasca Dark Trip its conformed by 
Buddy Van Nieuwenhoven , Brayan Buckt, Pedro Ivo Aráujo, Floris Moerkamp,
Indrayudh Shome and Sifis Karadakis.
The sound is based in the sacred rituals,
trying to evoke the ancient ceremonies experience.
Now they have a new great record named "Mind Journey" you can buy it here.
I have test it for you, nice music to relax...i think sometimes ADT sounds like OM, the titlesong "Mind Journey" and  "To the holy  Mountain" grooves your brains like "At Giza" kick back and buy!!!
This Album is the beginning of a nice working concept, 
start very atmospheric, smooth and psychy, but there is no stoner or doom...

This hard parts starts at the second plant, so buy it...
The first album is for free, you can doom it here
Only one album is not enough to build a complete mind, 
you need the i rate the two albums together...

8 from 10 Stonerpoints