Sunday, October 9, 2011

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Psych Rock/Acid Rock

That Vorarlberg in Austria has more to offer than just boring mountains and natural bio-food and trippy beauty cows, proves Hohenems based SHIZOEY. As a classical combination of Guitar, Bass and Drums, this trio is capable, all of a sudden, of launching a mixed bundle of natural forces right from the stage.
Suddenly a reef avalanche may roll over the audience, followed by a bold of lighting in the form of a splendid guitar solo....

Shizoey: "Blood rock for your Soul" MARCEL

SHIZOEY offers their audience a refreshing and arousing bath of feelings and emotions from a rich stream, which originates back to the American Rock scene of the 60’s, 80’s and early 90’s. 
The dudes in action..
Their debut album Lineaments (2010), under World in Sound Records label, was well received by the "stoner rock/heavy psych” Scene in Austria, Europe and the UK, with many positive reviews and comments about the variety of the songs.

....Really great band...
...i think with big future...
enjoy the great first album "Lineaments"
i hope to play with them live some gigs with "SATIVA ROOT"

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