Tuesday, November 1, 2011

...grande cojones...


Them motherfuckers they want your blood?

That was the question the band Grand Selmer asked when they woke up one early morning in December 2009 in a shitty apartment in Berlin. After a while they came to the conclusion it was not a question but a statement and decided to record an album instead…
After half a year with Currywurst, Weiβbier and touring throughout Germany they went back to their roots in Gothenburg, Sweden. They started to perfect the ideas and influences they collected in the past year to record the album “Though Day of Relief” in April 2011.

 Personally i would describe the sound of Grand Selmer as a mix of  Q.O.T.S.A., Dessert Sessions, Eagles of Death Metal, Haiabusa and Steaming Satelittes. Their root is stonerrock but on their album
you can hear kind of punk-, indie- or doomparts too, which makes the music probably suitable for a bigger target group. But listen to it and decide on your own if you like it!

Jonatan Dencker – Vocals, Guitar
Pontus Robertson – Vocals, Drums
Hannes Waernelius – Bass, Vocals
Fredrik Wessberg – Guitar, Vocals

Guest Artists:
Per Ståhlberg (DOLL), Tony Jelencovich (Transport Leauge, M.A.N, Icon in Me), Birger Löfman (Destiny, Fretless) and Kalle Lilja (Långfinger).

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