Sunday, November 27, 2011

...elvis is back again...

Warsaw, Poland
stoner rock/psychedelic/garage

In 2002 four long-time friends who had been involved in different
bands (mostly HC/post HC/rock stuff like Ahimsa, Coalition, Afraid of
That Day) started to jam together playing what they had a great
affection for their entire lives: ‘70s-influenced stoner rock.

In 2003 they recorded a demo which turned out to be pretty popular
among the slowly growing breed of their fans. Soon they became one of
the most active Warsaw bands, crossing all the genres and being
present at different types of shows from punk rock to rock’n’roll to
hardcore and rocking the nights out like crazy. Every once in a while
they hit the road to gig Poland, Lithuania, Germany, ending up in some
Czech clubs, making a nice soundtrack to bar fights there. Easy going
dudes took it easy. It took them a while to record their very first
full length, but when they did, it turned out to be really worth
waiting for. The record was called “Lazy” (2007) and well... it really
was. The title illustrated Elvis’ attitude towards the so-called
reality and their music.

The world rolled on, the boys played more gigs (sharing the stage
with, among others, Karma to Burn, Jucifer or Parkway Drive) and
finally there came the time to reveal what was going on in their
heads. On “Favourite State of Mind” the sound is full of space,
stylish and the non-obvious guitars are accompanied by multi-layered
vocals. Inspirations ranged from The Who, David Bowie, T. Rex to
Turbonegro and some more recent swampy stuff from the US. The band
employed unconventional recording techniques and sound experiments
that could give certain purists a nervous drool. Elvis Deluxe applies
a strong rock’n’roll punch to your jaw that will make you hear colours
and see the divine beauty of their music.

After the record was finished, the line-up changed slightly – Mechu
was replaced on guitar by Bert Trust. This old mate of Elvis’ used to
play in Warsaw stoner bands Castor Fiber and Oregano Chino, which
makes him a perfect fit for Elvis Deluxe in terms of fascination with
roots rock and dirty sound. The dudes have charisma and have the
skills and even though they’re taking it easy, they take it seriously.
The years of long going friendship and jamming together made them only
tighter and hungrier for good shows and the road adventures. They will
roll slow and if you stand on their way... well, you can be sure to
roll with them...

Extraterrestrial Hideout Seeker 

Elvis Deluxe is:
Bert Trust - guitar
Bolek - guitar
Miko - drums
Ziemba - bass/vocals

"Fast forward stoner rocking songs with great song ideas and really fuzzy tuned,
"Lazy" is a very colored album, acid punk meets psych and stoner....sometimes like Q.O.T.S.A or Fu Manchu. "Favourite State of Mind" have more psych and comes with big solos and really good songs...that's the album what i prefer, a band with a hopeful future."

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