Thursday, November 10, 2011

...Groovemachine and Electropsych....

A fucking awesome night is no surprise when you see the lineup of friday (21.10) in the Q-West (Kufstein/Austria). "GRANDLOOM and SUNGRAZER"! For less than 10 euro you got a genius night in a not very big but cool location near the trainstation. After a few beers Grandloom started to show their real stage-force. When they played "Larry Fairy" the guys pretty much went crazy and held their performance till "All In". In one sentence : A nice gig!

After a break of two more beers it was time for Sungrazer to rock the place. At first it looked like the guys need some warm up time but after few riffs the headbanging began... Again. And it was a well played collection of old and new stuff that rocked the crowed and grooved the brains.. Again!

A perfect start in the weekend with two nice gigs and a lot of beer!

The pics I made are of course available for free download again and also other awesome links are waiting for you!



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