Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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EL Hijo DE LA Aurora

Peruvian band EL HIJO DE LA AURORA (means "Son Of The Dawn") was formed in Lima in May 2008. Following the departure from his previous band DON JUAN MATUS, drummer, composer, and sound-producer Joaquin Cuadra hooked up with another DJM member, guitarist Manolo Garfias and returned to the MCA Studios to record the first EHDLA’s album, Lemuria which was released by a Peruvian independent record-label Espiritus Inmundos in late December 2008. In winter 2009, EL HIJO DE LA AURORA contributed their song “Portal A Venus” to a free-to-download compilation DIRGENERA Compendium II at RAIG's Accessory Takes. The current EHDLA's line-up features: Joaquin Cuadra (drums, fx), Manolo Garfias (guitars, bass), and Rafael Cantoni (vocals)

Lemuria (2008) Label : Espirtus Inmundos (From Peru)
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Wicca (2011) Label : RAIG (From Russia)

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