Sunday, November 20, 2011

...because everyone would go to church...


Weed Priest - 3 piece band based in Galway and Ennis, Ireland. They like
to call their music occult stoner doom but they hope not to be definable
by a particular genre. I think its Doom/Sludge and a littlebit of Noise....that's the Stonerhead's Justice. They have been working on their original material for
over 2 years and now they started to be more active with gigging and
looking for a record label to sign with.

11 songs available for download on this nice links down the text. The Demo includes "Final Spell, Thy Kingdom Gone, Sky Daddy". The other 8 songs are the unreleased bonus tracks for free on my site...enjoy this sick Occult/Doomshit.

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