Saturday, October 13, 2012

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Two years on from the release of their critically acclaimed album II, Spain’s finest instrumental post-rock group Toundra return to the progressive fold with (III); an epic, brutal and beautiful new chapter in their career.

Opener ‘Ara Caeli’ sets out its stall and encapsulates exactly what the band has been about since day one. Pioneering grand and striking song structures with ideas behind each that explore issues surrounding life and death, they chip away at the melodic post-rock landscapes some might find comparable to Mogwai or Pelican, but under the surface (III) incorporates elements of even greater traditional influence. Their appreciation of classic rock groups such as Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin (check out the heavy folk and swirling string sections of ‘Requiem’) can be heard all over (III), interwoven into the progressive metal of ‘Cielo Negro’ and ‘Marte’, three albums in this is Toundra at their most impressive. A true musical force.


Tour Dates:

20.09.12 Metz, Zikametz Festival, France
22.09.12 Solingen, Pretty In Noise Festival, Germany
23.09.12 Düsseldorf, Session, Germany
24.09.12 Berlin, Schokoladen, Germany
25.09.12 Chemnitz, AJZ, Germany
26.09.12 Winterthur, Gaswerk, Switzerland
28.09.12 Thun, Mokka, Switzerland
29.09.12 Bordeaux, Les Lectures Aléatoires, France

"III" is a beautiful album with a lot of psych parts but also big stomping riffs pared with post-rock and more psych and lovely smooth tunes...great musicians and a killer live band...the album is a must have for all fans of the post-rock and progressive metal. In one sentence i can say it comes like a harder version of my sleeping rock on and stay tuned...

9 from 10 Stonerpoints

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