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TRĂ¹C (which means "Trick", in friulan minority language) hails from Udine, North-East of Italy.
Formed by the rhythm session of a long but unlucky musical adventure (Egnog) with the help of one historical pillar of the Pordenones' Crossover Scene.
Existing since less than a year, they put together what is their first effort, a sstrange and singular blend of their own influences, without following this or that genre, trying to "keep it personal".
What you can witness, is the loyalty to rock and roll, in all its propagation.
Their songs are in 3 languages (friulan minority language, broken english, and itaglian), and the lyrics are based on lived-life histories. They kick off sometimes instrumentals because there's nothing to say, sometimes.
The records names "Curt", which means "Short", (which was released september 1st)
 shows the singular artwork of young but promising paintress Elena Chiandussi, which illustrates perfectly the various changes of mood of the friulan outfit.
They like to sweat during live shows.
The CD is a proud d.i.y. product, and is sold at a really low price at their shows, or on request, and it's also distributed by MUSICHE FURLANE FUARTE, the indie label specialized in music sung in friulan minority language and owned by a hystorical radio station broadcasting in friulan, RADIO ONDE OFURLANE.


"...the first impressions was not exactly stunning but in the running time the album showed their it was possible to find some song's...with whom I could start something...for example "Piccola Intro Marziale" or "Pierdisi"...the other song's aren't not bad but for me it was to simple and reminds me on highschoolrock...form your own opinion"

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