Tuesday, October 23, 2012

...doom mag...

Here is the magazin for the dark thing's in music...DOOM-METAL-FRONT includes all info's about the Doom Scene and offers so many interesting insights behind the scenes of the occult and dark images of the band's and their music. A magazin with high quality content in two languages (german,english).
Interview's with DUST, WOUNDED KINGS, BALAM, WITCHSORROW and many other's.

Wino with the latest version nr.9

Review's about the upcoming album's of all your favourite band's and also many Live Review's for example DESERT FEST,  MARS RED SKY, SLEEP, OM, BLACK COBRA and other's...a must have for every lover of the depressing and dirty music. Order your own DOOM METAL FRONT MAGAZINE or the COMPILATION HERE. The Compilation includes 34 band's of finest Doom/Doom Metal/AMbient/Drone Stuff and and is worth your money.

Big thanks to Sven

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