Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Instrumental Stoner/Sludge

Ed is a 40yr old custodian from Boston, who has 2 kids and loves everything from the 70s: especially Sid and Marty Krofft, Brady Bunch and station wagons. And then there is Speck, a muslim/half-iranian who was born in 1976 in Baltimore, Maryland but has lived in LA since 1983. He loves chicks with dicks, 80s VHS, wrestling, 70s rock as well as funk. As they both loved Sleep, Sabbath and Electric Wizard, they formed a band, and got the name by chance: Speck was looking for something to put inside the kick drum in order to dampen the sound. While doing so, he found an orange shag carpet that reminded him oft he 70s Krofft Supershow. They started playing outside anywhere they could, and eventually got to play at Uncle Rehearsal Studios in Van Nuys, CA. Krofft basically is influenced by some of their favourite bands: Grief, Fu Manchu.. however, Speck’s guitar playing reminds a lot of Nirvana’s Bleach – altough his co-member Ed hates them. Despite the fact that they sound great live, both of them say that they don’t look cool enough to have a live show worth watching. What is more, Ed never goes to live shows, because he is much more interested in the recorded sound, also he is always fidgeting with the knobs as well as changing the sound.

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"There is not much to say about Krofft, they make a kind of experimental Doom Metal, all arrangements are very chaotic but that's i think it's intentionally and absolute their style to make music. Simple and minimalistic drumwork and such a spooky sound what they create, after a time it's a little bit hard to hear but you can hear the motivation. From Muff's,Overdrives and Octavers on the Guitar, main thing is it is deep and booming...Check them out and get droned!!!

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