Wednesday, November 20, 2013

...Manthra Dei...back again!!!

Manthra Dei
Acid Cosmonaut Records

Manthra Dei is an Italian stoner/psych/space rock four-piece that brings us some serious intergalactic soul/blues jams and let us fly in their colourful world...

The band's self-titled debut starts with the mighty long and trippy song named "Stone Face" and it makes you sure to know that the following song's are not more worst than this one,because also "Urjammer "(The faster 70ies song) ,"Xolotl" (great licks and solo structures) follows with the same power and it brings attention to the point. If you like bands with a lot of vocals and a nice jam atmosphere like Causa Sui, Earthless,The Machine or others, you definitely will like Manthra Dei because they have big cojones in they music and you can hear that.

With "Blue Phantom" the listener get the option for a free walk into a church and can listen to a spooky interlude followed by the last power and genius song "Legendary Lamb"this song gives again all the power of the band before the smooth acoustic song of "Stone Face" brings the record to a cozy end. Thank's for this great album...see ya soon on the road!!!

Text: Stonerhead

It's released in October 20 on CD through Acid Cosmonaut Records. Also available as Bandcamp download and don't forget the release party on 22th November.

Pre-order here. Vinyl will be distributed through Nasoni Records.

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