Friday, November 22, 2013

...get your Libido swollen...

Retro Rock/Stoner Rock
Pink Tank Records

Libido Fuzz is a heavy tuned hard rocking psychedelic boogie band.
The three piece out of Bordeaux/France, Nick Blazy (Bass), Thibault Guezennec (Drums) and Pierre-Alexis Mengual (Vocals/Guitar), started up in 2012 with their mind blowing and unique sound. Libido Fuzz combines classic elements of finest 70's psychedelic music and mixes it up with tasty hard driven Blues stuff.
This summer Libido Fuzz was on tour, sharing the stages in southern Europe with acts like Kadavar, The Machine, Sungrazer and Mars Red Sky and built up a huge fan base, that shows how energetic and intensive the bands' style is. Listening to the fuzzy and crispy sound of Libido Fuzz is like a liquid heavy shockwave! It's blowing your mind away, we'll bet!  
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 "Libido Fuzz will bring multible orgasmns for your organ of hearing cause the debut sounds great and after a lot of positive feedback from other online mags,blog sites i have the honor to say also that this band is great, every second on this album, pure raw rock'n roll like a mix of Human Instinct, The White Stripes,Killer Moon, Twin Bird and the Black Keys...It's full of Blues and great riffs...boring is not so move your fingers and click the like button..."

8 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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